What are RPG’s?

RPG’s are known as role-playing games that allow the player to take on a fictional character within the game acting through literal acting or character development in a fantasy or science fiction setting. RPGs are purely for fun and entertainment purposes. The different forms of RPG are; tabletop RPG which allows the players to conduct the game via continuous discussion and in live action role playing games where players physically perform the actions of the character. The actions of the character succeed or fail according to a system of rules and guidelines set. The choice of how the game is played is up to the player and they may shape the direction of the game with their choices.

Tabletop RPGs is mostly a single player game where the player controls the character or a team through adventure and quests with the importance placed on character advancement. This is mainly through storytelling and input is received from all the players. The rules and setting of the game is set by the game master who has special duties as set out by the game. The game master will describe the outcome of the game while the players work with the intended actions of their character together with their own personal choices.

World of Warcraft

Various electronic formats exist currently of tabletop RPGs. Multi-player text-based (MUDs) and massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) are some examples of RPGs that exist online. These online games are played mostly through the games text base environment and are based in real-time through an internet connection. RPGs online have become extremely popular throughout the world where millions of players log in every day for countless hours over the various gaming platforms available. The players are allowed to play the game through the social platform created where everyone interacts while the player is online. Most electronic RPGs allow the player to create an alter-ego or an avatar in the game and the character moves through the game completing tasks and quests. The game also allows for the players personal choices to shape the direction of the game and the intended outcome.

Live action role-playing games are usually set in a real environment where people dress up as their favourite or chosen character and act out the roles of those characters. The venue used usually has décor and props to assist with creating the imaginary setting and the number of players can vary from between a few people to several thousand which may then cause the game to be set over several days. This form of RPG is more theatrical in nature. The props used are usually foam or cardboard to assist with acting out of the RPG and not intended to physically harm anyone.

RPGs has become quite a lucrative business to be in due to its increasing popularly and the industry makes millions of dollars every single year more especially in the online sector. More and more people are choosing to become specialists in the online gaming field by either assisting to design, maintaining or debugging an online game.