Graphics and sound?

Graphics and sound

Players use most of their senses when playing a game. Look, feel and sound are the ones used most often. Each designer will focus on different graphics and sounds in an online game to try and match the games desired outcome and feel. A player would not likely find a game that is in the horror genre with music for fast paced circus game. It would ruin what the designer is trying to achieve. These tools are used to get the player into the mind-set of what needs to happen in the game. Other sounds in the game would be the action sounds like jumping or falling or maybe sounds of the players opponents. All of these are important to keep the player attention and make it as exciting as possible.

Over the last couple of years, graphics have become important incorporating into all technology. Cellphones, TV’s and computers are continuously updating their graphics with bigger and better to get a customer to buy the product. RPGs are no different. Everything will always need to be improved as the growing need of the players require it. Games that have been released in 2015 have far better graphics than games released 10 years ago. Game makers are keeping up with the way of the world in terms of technology.

Different ways in which graphics are used can determine the feel of the game and appeal to a player who prefers certain views. Ariel view is one method used where the entire game is played from above. The player can then see what is all around the character and make decisions about where to go and what to do. Choas of chronicles is designed in ariel view. The player can see their character and the characters in the team. The surrounding environment is visible to the player and they can move the team to whichever section they choose.

Playing in the first person is another method where the player feels as though they are in the game. There is no character to be visible and the player moves through the game looking as though they themselves are walking through the game.

Playing the game in the third person where the character is right in front of the screen and the player then can maneuver the character through the game either with controls or a keyboard. This is the most popular way games are designed and players like the feel of seeing what their character is doing, opening, fighting, walking to and discovering of. Diablo is an example of this type of method. The character is a demon from hell and the player moves the demon through the levels and fights different kinds of monsters as he moves along. The demon has special powers which he can use when fighting monsters or opening chests. The player would not be able to see all the skills the demon has if the game was in the first person. The graphics of this particular is phenomenal.