Console vs PC for RPG’s?

Console vs PC for RPG

Game consoles and PC games are very different in look and feel according to the preferences of the player. A game console is an external device that is plugged into a Television or PC where games are inserted mostly by CD. Examples of these devices are PlayStation or Xbox. PC games are either a downloadable program or played online through an internet connection.

There are many types of different games available in the market but to distinguish between console RPGs and PC RPGs some areas come light. Fans of RPGs who prefer either the console or PC RPGs are fans of both. They would have a preference to one or the other but are not opposed to one because of the other.


Consoles are played with the external device such as a Xbox, PSP etc with a control that is either wireless or not. Console RPGs are compared to Anime with similar art and plots in the story. The difference with Console games is that the story does not have many avenues that can be developed due to choice such as in PC RPGs. The player is required to finish a level and move on to the next level according to the games design. All the steps in the game would need to be completed before the level is over and it allows you to ‘unlock’ the next level. This is the general feel of the how the game is built. There is not much room for personal choice or ‘side adventures’ in a console. It moves in one direction to the outcome of the game. Some players feel that console RPGs are far too linear and repetitive.


PC based RPG’s differ from the console RPGs by allowing for more complexity in the game. There are story options that are available which give the player more variety to play with as they move through the game. Most PC RPGs genres do have similar plots and settings but due to the openness of how online games are shaped, the designer is able to add on, change or upgrade anything on the RPGs when they choose to. PC RPGs have the capability to allow a number of players in the game at the same time across the world. Some players do feel that PC RPGs have a lack of character and the story lines are not compelling. PC RPG’s developed mainly from two sources which are computer strategy games, and pen and paper RPGs. Wargames and strategy have maintained the same format for many years. The player has control over the RPGs is taken from pen and paper RPG’s.

Currently, what separates console and PC RPGs are not as apparent as they were. Console RPG’s have been increasingly adding complex gameplay options and PC games have added distinctive characters and more involving plots to the PC RPG scene. In the future, the RPG gaming world, whether console or PC, will most likely be interchangeable or be compatible. Technology is ever changing and growing.