Chaos of Chronicles?

Chaos of Chronicle

Chaos Chronicles promises to have state of the art graphics and a modern take on traditional RPGs that will keep every player wanting more. The theme of the game is horror fantasy and the genre is strategy, role-play. The game is set over 200 years ago evil times where archwizards, orcs, goblins and other evil creatures roam the land. There are very few survivors, however, hope lurks on the horizon. The heroes return trying to make their way through the land and reclaim it purging as they go along. The trailer gives the impression the player will have to work through levels of fighting monsters and discovering secrets along the way. The player may have to collect materials to make weapons while exploring.

Chaos of Chronicles1

It is unclear if the player can select to be the hero or the play the part of the evil empire which would at least give the player a different choice should they want to play it over again. The game seems to be played from an Ariel view according to the trailer and that may not be as appealing to some players. The game is very thought out and every detail can be seen when looking through the trailer. The smallest details like explosions, bridges, rocks, ruins and the environment around the hero’s journey really bring the story to life. It seems like more than one player can be part of the hero team as the players battle their way through the land which will make an interesting strategy game for groups to play.

Many players have shown great interest in playing the game and the trailer seems to ensure it leaves whoever watching it, more curious than ever. There has been massive hype about the game on many social media platforms. However, the website for the game seems to be down as well. It seems as though the designers really wanted to create something out of the box and enjoyable and put many man in hours in to get the game as far as they did. The designers took the players suggestions and comments into consideration which allows them to build something for everyone and focus on details they may have missed. For example, there was a comment made about the shading of the characters to the contrast of the background. Every step of the games progress is posted on their social platform for people to see which created great interest and involvement as the development took place.

This game is not currently available to the public as the production has been stalled for various reasons not clear. However, the game makers have made a few statements that the designing of the game will be completed in the future and be made available to the public. It is believed to be something really great one it gets into the publics hands. All players seem to be waiting with baited breath.