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Role playing games have been around dating back to the 1970’s and have not stopped growing ever since. Millions and millions of people in the world today play role playing games (RPGs) in some form or another.

What are RPG’s

Many people mistake RPGs for card or ball games and this has led to confusion. RPGs are games that allow the player or players to assume another role or character of their choosing according to what the game offers. Once this is done the story line will be created either by a physical game or online game. The player will then move through the game as the character and complete tasks or quests to determine a winner. RPG come in different forms such as online, live role playing games or in the shape of a board game that is played by a group of players.

RPGs have been supported by many people as healthy due to the fact that this kind of game enhances imagination, creativity and allow people to think in a more strategic manner. PRGs are used as therapeutic tools from time to time. Some critics have voiced their opinion that RPGs online force people to communicate online rather than face to face and thus people or children do not develop social skills.


The first commercially sold RPG available was Dungeons and Dragons. This was a physical RPG where players assumed the characters and played on a board. The game was launched in was in 1974 and is still a gameplay today. This was the most sought after game of this time and catapulted the industry and market of RPGs and the number of games that has been created and developed since is countless.


People enjoy the idea of being able to become a different character in a game or for that period of time. It allows them to bring out qualities they are unlikely to have as part of their personalities and this is why it is so thrilling for them.

How games have developed over the years from Dungeons and Dragons to elaborate live RPGs of Lord of the Rings in a park to Xbox games that can be played by a single player in the comfort of the players home to multi-player online RPG games that allows millions of players to log in at any time of the day for as many hours as they choose. This story of the growth of games is one that is really quite a journey and it is far from over.

RPGs have shaped the way people spend their quality time either after a long day at work or school or over the weekend. It is not unusual for players to spend days on a game marathon to either join in a mass war with other players in the game or perhaps finish difficult levels. It has become part of everyday culture in the world. RPGs are here to stay, for a long